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Do you have the concept for a new kitchenware product, but need help turning your idea into a top seller? Do you need simple, yet impressive recipes to help drive your product sales? Look no further than Kari Consulting Group, Inc.


This team of food professionals is led by Kathy Kari, “The Test Kitchen Lady.” With more than 20 years experience in professional test kitchen settings, Kathy knows all about kitchen products — from testing to tasting and everything in between. Her no-nonsense approach to product and recipe development and testing, coupled with her creative approach to food and recipe concepts, are second to none.  


What’s unique about Kari Consulting Group, Inc. is that Kathy uses her home kitchen as her product development, tasting and testing grounds, putting products and recipes through their paces and developing new products in a real-world environment. Seeing first-hand how the product will perform in an actual home kitchen is what Kari Consulting Group, Inc. is all about — ensuring that your consumer is not only satisfied, but delighted with your product.


Kathy’s expertise knows no borders. Her knowledge and experience span the globe, including North and South America, Europe and Asia. Whether you’re seeking to expand your brand in the domestic market or abroad, Kari Consulting Group, Inc. is your partner in success.


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